The wooden frame is obviously the main structure of the building, and it is in this area that we have found some severe problems. Whilst the render is slowly removed area by area we have found some worrying issues.
On the car park elevation we have major structural problems with severe rot to the buildings wooden frame. Initially the building was jacked up on props on this elevation and all the below ground area was dug out and the brickwork has now been rebuilt. Most of the wooden frame has either been replaced due to extensive rot or strengthened. The Buildings oak 'sole plate' that the whole of the building sits on was so badly rotten it had to be cut out completely and has now been replaced with a substantial new oak plate. This has allowed us to introduce a damp course and add some honeycomb insulation between the frame. Naturally, all timbers old and new have had a thorough treatment against rot and insects.
The pictures below show the extent of the issues and show a picture diary of the repairs. This frame work is ongoing and will take some time to complete.
Severe structural rot and crumbling brickwork - not much holding the building up in this area ...
All that's left of some of the buildings original oak 'sole plate'
Structural beams in a dreadful state ...
All that is left of this structural beam - nothing else holding this area of the building up
A couple of props hold the building up while this area is made ready for repair
Under ground excavations reveal the original cellar shoot now redundant since a more recent one is in use, the resulting ground instability is cured by in fill with ½ tonne concrete
A new brick plinth starts to restore some structural integrity
Whilst a new 6 inch square green oak 'Sole Plate' completes the new support for the buildings wooden frame
Parts of the frame receive a welcome increase in strength
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